“Thanks for making my festival a thousand times better”

Hello Liftsharers, we hope you’ve been having a great day! Welcome to what we’re calling ‘Thank You Thursday’ – a day for all you drivers and passengers out there to namedrop the community members who have helped you.

By using #Liftshareweek on Twitter and Facebook, or dropping us a line at superheroes@liftshare.com, you can tell us about the Liftshare members who have helped you stay mobile, or to champion the passengers who made a gloomy trip that little bit brighter.

Today is all about giving thanks to these brilliant people, and we’d love to hear from you. Who knows – maybe your story will feature on the blog? Either way, we want you to really shout about these Liftshare champions, to give them the kudos they deserve, while showing off the benefits of helping each other.

We can’t wait to see your stories unfold, and in the meantime, we’ve got another incredible tale for you today from lift-sharer Holly, who used the site to reach her favourite music festival on the cheap and wants to extend her warm thanks to those who helped her.

Take it away Holly:


“Being a die-hard fan of End of The Road Festival for several years – I’ve been going since 2007, I was stuck last year when loads of my usual buddies for this festival either weren’t going, or weren’t driving there in Sept 2013,” she tells us.

With no transport options left, Holly searched Liftshare for fellow Londoners heading to Dorset that weekend, and quickly found Gidon and his luxurious Japanese campervan. Before she knew it, Holly was on her way to the festival for only £18 each way.

“By the end of the journey I’d made a great new buddy in Jodie, a dancer living in my neighbourhood in London,” Holly continues, “and we also found we had some mutual friends in the performance world. She was at the festival working on some children’s theatre, and I’ve since helped her out with a fundraiser and performance event she was running late last year.

The festival proved to be far more fun as a result of meeting new people on the road, and on the way back, Holly, Gidon and friends shared stories of their weekend while driving back to London. They even stopped off for a roadside picnic at a Welcome Break rest stop, where they saw other festival-goers doing the same thing. She agrees it was much better than being crammed into a sweaty post-festival train carriage.

“I found that taking the Liftshare option for my trip to End of the Road made the festival feel like it lasted that little bit longer, and I also made some genuinely nice new friends. I would definitely recommend it – community spirit all the way, and I want to thank everyone I met during my travels for helping make the festival a thousand times better.”

Stay tuned for more incredible community tales of social money-saving awesomeness right here on the blog. Remember, if you’re planning a trip and you want to save money or make new friends, do it through Liftshare, and be sure to give thanks to your driver and passengers afterwards.

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