Trip Authentication: How Liftshare users can prove they have shared a journey

For years Liftshare has been advancing its technologies in not only ensuring that we find our members the best matches with others travelling to the same place but also how we can help our clients track and validate who is sharing a journey within their business.

Over the past couple of years, our clients have provided invaluable feedback to improve our services. We were the first in our sector to launch Trip Authentication using a multitude of technologies including ones we have developed in-house. We are now trialling our latest technology solution which uses the Liftshare App to get members to authenticate the trip by physically matching their smartphones.

The process is quick and easy to use and feeds back which members have “authenticated” straight back to the client’s dashboard, which the Liftshare Scheme Manager can view at any time.

Why is validating the sharing of journeys important?

  • Confirms that parking permits are being distributed correctly:
    • We have the functionality for Liftshare Scheme Managers to monitor this via the Liftshare dashboard, allowing them to track real-time sharing within teams to identify permit misuse.
  • Validates whether those using priority/car share bays are indeed sharing their journey with another colleague.
  • Provides accurate data on Liftshare teams and journeys:
    • Trip Authentication increases the accuracy of showing the monetary savings and environmental factors as it tracks the location of where the trip was authenticated and where the trip ends.
  • Incentivises car sharing to reduce single occupancy vehicles – reducing car parking issues:
    • Liftshare Scheme Managers can use the dashboard to track cumulative numbers of authenticated car share trips and reward sharing accordingly.

So how does it work?
trip auth 1

1. Find someone to share with and form a Liftshare team

trip auth2

2. Using the Liftshare Companion App, on arrival to pick up the passenger(s), in a safe
place and parked with the engine off, the driver selects Trip Authentication and
generates a QR validation code

trip auth3

3. The passenger scans the QR code, using the Liftshare App on their phone, before
continuing the rest of the journey together.

trip auth 3

4. The Liftshare Scheme Manager can log in to their dashboard and see which of their
Liftshare members has authenticated their Liftshare trips to their place of work.

Want to get involved?

The Trip Authentication software was released in October 2017, and after several updates and improvements, we now want to test this on a larger scale.

We’re looking for some of our existing clients, and new clients, to use this software and give our internal Product Development team any feedback where they can see improvements to be made.

The Liftshare Companion App is free to download on the App store; however, the Trip Authentication Software needs to be activated by Liftshare. So, if you’re interested, please let us know and we can update your app so you can see and use this feature, and let us know your thoughts!


If you’re interested in finding out more about the Liftshare Trip Authentication Software, call us on 01603 389321 or register your interest through the below link and we can send you further information: Contact us

Author Sarah Roberts


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