Trip Authentication Success: Wolseley, Warwick Technology Park

Wolseley UK is the country’s largest supplier of building materials, with trade customers, such as plumbers and builders, accounting for the largest proportion of its sales. They launched their Liftshare Scheme in November 2018 at their headquarters in Warwick.




By producing a Scoping Smart Mobility report Liftshare identified that 65% of Wolseley staff had viable Liftshare options and therefore the organisation rolled-out a Liftshare Scheme.

After the first on-site Liftshare event, 61% of Wolseley’s staff signed up to their Liftshare scheme, with 40% of their total staff turning into Liftsharers!


Throughout the process of introducing Liftshare into our business, I have found them to be very professional, flexible and responsive to our specific needs. The Products available have proved to be very valuable to our colleagues and our business.

Tim Matthews Property Director, Wolseley


Trip Authentication

Wolseley UK have been using Liftshare’s Trip Authentication tool since December 2018, and, so far, have had 33% of their staff authenticating their trips. Trip Authentication is the technology whereby clients can track how often liftshares are actually taking place, and see in real time how many people are validating their liftshare on a daily basis.

The Liftshare Trip Authentication tool is a very innovative product. It gives the managers of the service the information they require to ensure daily carsharing is happening. It is simple for the users and ensures they feel safe in the fact the car sharing benefits aren’t being abused by other employees.

All in all, the tool is invaluable to the better understanding stake holders require make informed decisions on the work place parking.

Tim Matthews  Property Director, Wolseley


How have Liftshare helped save Wolseley UK money so far?

  • £24,000 saved in employee parking costs in the first 3 months of setting up the Liftshare scheme
  • £48,000 in shuttle bus costs across the course of the first 6 months of moving their staff from our over flow car park to our new site
  • 61% of staff signed up to Liftshare
  • £200,000 forecasted to be saved in employee parking costs in the first 2 years of having a Liftshare scheme
  • 100 tonnes of C02 emissions to be saved by members in 2019


If you would like to find out more about Trip Authentication and Scoping Smart Mobility, or tos peak to us about our Car Sharing platform you can contact us here.

Author Sarah Roberts


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