🏆 University of Exeter makes First Class grade in University Sustainability League!

The University of Exeter have made the top 20 of the official People & Planet University Sustainability League, snagging 16th place out of 150!

A long-term Liftshare client, the University have a successful scheme for both staff and students, they scored 50 out of 50 for the category including sustainable transport!

The league table is ranked by analysing a number of factors across UK universities, including environmental policy and strategy, auditing and management systems, human resourcing for sustainable initiatives, carbon management, education, waste and recycling, and water reduction. To be ranked within the top 30 earns a First Class rating, with lower ratings being 2:1, 2:2, Third Class, and Failed.

The car share scheme for the University further cements their corporate social responsibility commitment, demonstrating fantastic results. It currently delivers a 42% modal shift from single-occupancy vehicles to sharing – helping cut down greatly on parking requirements and congestion around the sites. Over 996,000 miles are saved every year by University of Exeter sharers, and they save over £246,000 in petrol costs annually; as well as a CO2 reduction of 328 tonnes. That’s enough carbon saved to power 48 UK homes with electricity for a year, the equivalent of 350,000 lbs of coal burnt!

Members of the car share scheme are entitled to free car share parking permits, and benefit from a Guaranteed Ride Home service – so if for some reason they did need to leave without their liftsharer, they’d be given free transport home.

If you’d like more information on introducing a Liftshare scheme for your business, or think personalised travel planning or car sharing could work for your organisation, get in touch with our Business Team.

Author Lex Barber


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