Why many people choosing to shop online this Christmas are missing a trick!

Christmas shopping in-store has its fair share of deterrents; traffic to get to high streets and shopping centers, checkout queues, sharp elbows, cold weather and – thanks to new government guidelines reported this week – the increasing cost of parking!

But nothing is ever black or white…  

Take the new government guidelines to raise parking prices for instance; presented with an altruistic aim to improve the nation’s health, they have been slated by many as a simple ruse to generate more money from motorists.

I mean, don’t misunderstand us; we’re all for a healthier, more environmentally friendly lifestyle, but can you really walk/cycle home with the weekly shop or the family’s Christmas gifts?

Sadly we believe the new guidelines are going to simply encourage people to stay indoors and shop online, making it even more difficult for the ‘little guys’ on the high street to compete with the big retailers.

Whilst the arguments for staying away are stacking up, do you really want to miss out on Slade ringing in your ears, the hum drum in-store and Christmas spirit, not to mention the ability to actually touch and feel what you are planning to buy and the security of payment face to face? Clicking your way through a shopping cart just isn’t the same!

What if you could continue to shop the bricks and mortar way, supporting local businesses, whilst halving fuel and parking costs and reducing traffic congestion?

The answer is car-sharing for Christmas… bet you didn’t see that coming!

Liftshare.com has over 370,000 active members and over 83% of journeys registered will find a match. It’s free to use, simply visit www.liftshare.com add you details and journey and find out who is going the same way.

Happy Christmas Shopping!

Reported by: Jemma Pennick

Author liftshare


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