Wimbledon 2015: Four reasons to car share to London for the tennis

Tennis fever will sweep the nation next week as the legendary Wimbledon tennis championships descend upon London between June 29 – July 12. Any one who has been to the capital will likely tell you that getting around can be a nightmare, especially when you’re driving, but you can expect the city to become a hub of gridlock and chaos throughout the tournament.

But if you’re coming from further afield to watch the likes of Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic serve up brilliance on the court, then you might want to consider travelling by car share instead of forking out for expensive rail fare or unsociable, cramped coaches.

Here are four reasons to use Liftshare when heading to London for Wimbledon 2015:

Car sharing is far cheaper than train

It’s true that car sharing is consistently cheaper than UK rail fares, and a quick search on ticket site Trainline.com reveals some high fares for London. For example, the site is presently offering a single rail ticket to from Birmingham to London for £28.00, while a Liftshare member is offering the same trip for just £8.00 per seat. Similarly, the cheapest ticket from Exeter to London currently costs £47.10, and is offered on Liftshare for just £15.10. This is a trend we see often, so if you’d like to save money on your Wimbledon travel this year, why not consider offering or giving a lift with us?

Car shares can help lower your own driving costs

But what if you don’t need a lift and you’re the one driving? Well, using our recently revamped ‘Offer a Lift’ tool, you can quickly map out your journey’s start and end point to see how much you could save by offering your spare seats to those in need of a lift. Liftshare’s system will work out how much each passenger should pay to cover a fair share of your total petrol costs, so not only does this help you save money the next time you fill up your tank, it makes your journey a fun, social experience.

What’s more, car sharing doesn’t impact your insurance, as our system works out how much passengers should be paying without it resulting in a profit.

Here’s an example of how our ‘Offer the Lift’ tool works:


Car sharing reduces the number of cars on roads

You might think that adding journeys to our roads will actually increase gridlock and pollution, but the beauty of car sharing is that is encourages people to travel together to events, places of work or any number of locations – instead of each individually taking their own cars. It’s about putting the cars already on our roads to greater use by filling their seats, instead of adding even more vehicles to our already-busy streets. As you can imagine, London is going to get really busy around Wimbledon, so car sharing is one way to help lower the chaos on our capital’s streets.

Tennis road trip!

Lastly, car sharing is fun! Many people have fond memories of road trips – be it during a holiday or on the way to a music festival – so we can’t think of a more fun way to travel to Wimbledon than with a car full of like-minded tennis fans chatting about what the sport they love best.

So there you have it folks, a few quick examples why car sharing might be the ideal way to travel to Wimbledon 2015 this year. You can also download our free iOS and Android apps to take advantage of even more great features like instant messaging, cashless payments and more.

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