New Liftshare User Experience: Coming soon!

Soon, your Liftshare accounts will have a fresh new look! We know moving is only fun if you’re getting an upgrade, and by Jove aren’t you just! We know our members won’t love a new product if we haven’t gone all out in making their experience ten times better including more personalization, gamification and even some cute illustrations of cats!


What’s new and improved?

Liftshare’s mission is to take as many miles off our roads as possible, and make sharing as normal as recycling! Our core product that is used by the public in, and is made bespoke for over 750 of our clients, has the core purpose of tackling the commute and getting the Liftshare network to confirm that they are indeed sharing.

Every confirmed share means that Liftshare can tally up miles saved, C02 saved and help businesses do similar reporting for their own schemes!

Our entire user onboarding is WAY simpler! Essentially making the end goal for Liftshare to add your commute and start sharing it! Anyone who wants to use Liftshare for one-off journeys to the beach, a festival or even from Lands End to John O Groats – They still can! We just want to encourage as much regular sharing as possible.

So here it is, here is the new super-simple, step-by-step onboarding for Liftshare accounts:



So other than an entirely new design, what’s the difference in functionality?


  • See how much C02 the Liftshare community has saved
  • See how much C02 your employer has saved (if you’re a member of one of 750 schemes!)
  • Be part of our mission in taking as many miles off the road as possible and see your own savings!
  • We used to have ‘driver’ journeys and ‘passenger’ journeys, but these have now been condensed; drivers can ask to share with passengers and vice versa
  • You can Invite Members to join a Liftshare team (Sharing in a group of 4? No worries! You can create a team of 4 super quick and easy on the new system!)
  • A new and improved search algorithm to get you even better Liftshare matches
  • A new and improved SHIFT system for those of you working outside the usual 9-5
  • Click through and easily see your journey on Google Transit, just in case there are no Liftshare results, we want to show you Sustainable travel results as an alternative!
  • a MUCH friendly mobile experience:

  • Super easy journey re-routing (we use Google to plot your route from your A to B, but it doesn’t always give you the route that you actually drive, so you can drag the line to change this!
  • Search radius on the search results page; now you can see the radius around your start and end destinations and which matches fit within there!
  • System notifications in the corner of your dashboard to show you NEW messages and Requests:



Want to know the techy stuff?

The Product Development Team have updated our entire front end of our core product to use the latest version of .Net Core.

.NET core is considered the best performer over the traditional .NET Framework because of its high-performance server runtime and scalability. The development team are REALLY happy with being able to use this technology; the  changes in the speed of development have made a huge difference!



Over the next 2 months we have user-testing sessions up to our ears! Once we are happy that the new User Experience is working, and new and existing users are finding the new system easy to navigate through we’ll be ready to launch it for our whole network – That’s over 700,000 members!

We imagine this will be late March 2020!



Want to be a user tester? Email and I’ll add you to our list of members who are interested in testing this in March when we are closer to finishing development!

Author Sarah Roberts


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