10 car hacks to make your journey easier


We all love our cars, but as we drive back and forth about our daily business, we often don’t have time to realise just how messy and disorganised they’re becoming. So here’s our Top 10 Hacks to make your journey easier and better coordinate your car. Everyone will want to carshare with you after you’ve implemented these, so be sure to list your journey on the site!

1 Clean your headlights with toothpaste
Your headlights don’t quite need the twice-daily attention that your gnashers do, but you can clean up cloudy headlights with a quick scrub using your toothpaste for a nice shine. Baking soda and water works well too! (On your headlights that is.)

2 Create a bin using a plastic cereal container
An American-style plastic cereal container with a plastic bag makes the ideal place to throw your rubbish, and can be shut so it doesn’t get too smelly or shed its load. When it’s full, just tie up the bag and take with you so there’s no more sweet wrappers or plastic bottle lids rattling around!ce

3 Hang a tennis ball from your garage as a parking guide
If you park inside a garage, hang a tennis ball on a string nice and low across your windscreen so you can use it to gage how much room you have. You’ll never scrape the front again and still have room to walk around.

4 Use hand sanitiser to de-frost
No blue miracle spray to hand? No problem. Cheap hand sanitiser will do exactly the same thing and melt straight through the ice, while keeping your car germ-free.

5 Use a scented candle in place of an air freshener
If you’re not a fan of the often over-powering scents of in-car air fresheners, simply pop a scented candle (with the lid off) in your cup holder. No need to light it – as it gets warmer it’ll release its scent. You’ll have much more choice of fragrances and you won’t need a visible hanger.

6 A shoe organiser can organise your bits and bobscaracc
A cheap shoe organiser slung on the back of the driver or passenger’s seat can make a great organisation tool to keep things off the floor. Whether it be your A-Z guide and bottles of water, or the kids’ magazines and toys, it makes an effective car-tidy and has everything within arm’s reach.

7 Keep an eye on lorries
Lorry drivers communicate via radios and fill each other in on which lanes and roads to avoid during traffic jams, as well as where temporary speed cameras are. Follow them and you’re sure to avoid some congestion!

8 Avoid burns by turning the wheel
On a hot day, turn your steering wheel around before you get out of the car – that way when you return, the part you have to hold won’t be burning hot, as it won’t have been in the sun.

9 Rubber band your phone to the air vents
Using your phone’s GPS but don’t have a proper mobile phone dock? No problem. Simply loop a rubber band through your vents and across your mobile, keeping it in place as you drive.

10 Use shoes as cup holders
Most new cars have cup holders built in, but if you don’t, or if you have a serious beverage habit and are juggling lots of cups at once, you can use your trainers as one. Simply slot your drink in, and the tread of the shoe should ensure there’s no slipping about when you go around corners. Just be sure to not use your oldest, stinkiest pair…

Photo credits: Aliexpress.com, Wikimedia, Amazon.co.uk

Author Lex Barber


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