10 reasons to liftshare to festivals this summer… as told by The Simpsons

You’ve bought your ticket, dug out your old tent, and bought new wellies. Now it’s time to sort actually getting to and from the site. It probably won’t shock you that we think you should liftshare to your next event. And here’s why, as explained by the citizens of Springfield…

1 Priority parking, free giveaways, surprise upgrades…

With more and more festivals getting on-board with sustainable travel, it’s worth checking if the event you’re going to offers incentives for liftsharers. Isle of Wight offer priority parking and Download offer ticket giveaways, so there’s plenty of reason to swan through the queue like the king or queen you are!

The Simpsons homer simpson season 13 episode 3 queue

2 Cha-ching! It’s cheaper than public transport

Carshare options are already available on the Liftshare website for festivals all over the country. You only pay Liftshare drivers a contribution toward their petrol, so it’s often the cheapest way to get to and from the festival. And if you’re driving, it’s money toward your fuel bill that you wouldn’t have had before. More money = more beer, more burgers, more ridiculous festival purchases.

the simpsons season 20 simpsons money treehouse of horror

3 You need to survive the morning after the night before

Feeling a tad hungover after spending all that cash you saved at the bar? Taking a lift is way more comfortable than braving it on public transport, and it means that you can relax a little and sleep on the way home if you need to, leaving you free to arrive home in at least a half-decent state, and not feeling too drained.

The Simpsons marge simpson season 15 episode 15 hangover

4 You’ve over-packed and can’t carry it all

Reading the coach website twice still doesn’t mean you have any idea what ‘two reasonable sized bags’ actually means. And anyway, you have 4. And a tent. Drivers state how much luggage space they have available, and you can pack a car to the brim… which is much trickier when you’re on a train or bus.

The Simpsons homer simpson bart simpson lisa simpson season 4

5  It’s a great excuse for team fancy dress

Start the trip as you mean to go on, and get everyone involved. Dress up as a theme, as one of the headline acts… or just all wear masks of the driver’s face. Because that wouldn’t be creepy. At all.

6 It’s dry!

When it’s rained for 24hrs and you’re unsure if there’s any patch of you left dry, it might be time to retire to the car for a quick nap and a freshen up. It’s not the comfiest place in the world, but at least it’s dry, and you can take five minute out from being caked in mud.

The Simpsons homer simpson bart simpson marge simpson lisa simpson

7 Arrive and leave when you want to

Found a driver that shares your distaste for the final headliner? Great! You can leave together on the Sunday afternoon and avoid the huge crowds later that night or the next morning. Perhaps you want to arrive a bit earlier to settle into the campsite? No worries, just drive up when you’re ready with no concern for the buses only arriving at certain times. It’s quicker and easier to drive, and can fit exactly round your schedule.

The Simpsons homer simpson bart simpson marge simpson lisa simpson

8 You can DJ through your travels

Curate a themed playlist for the car of the acts playing throughout the festival, and scope out some new acts before you even get to site.

dj the simpsons party swag stephen hawking

9 The car is a warm, dry place to charge your phone (and it’s free!)

Grab a cigarette-lighter in-car charging system for your phone and use it throughout the weekend to keep yourself charged up and online. Check in on Twitter for band and stage updates (secret set, anyone?), and use Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger to keep in touch without using your minute and text allowances.

the simpsons lisa simpson bored iphone idgaf

10 In the words of Andrew WK…

PARTY TIP: Liftshare. Start your festival experience earlier, meet new people, and turn your travel into a tour!

homer simpson the simpsons reaction bart simpson marge simpson

And there you have it. Life’s better when you share. Just ask Milhouse. (And hop onto Liftshare now to offer or request a ride!)


All GIFs and image courtesy of GIPhy.com.

Author Lex Barber


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