8 tips for staying cool in your car this summer

It’s official: we’re in the middle of a heatwave. As parts of Britain sweats through a full fortnight of summer, social media feeds and office chit chats are full of concerns and complaints about travelling in the heat.

Trains are being cancelled and the London Underground’s hot air is unbearable, but of course, we’re fans of carsharing, as it won’t burn a hole in your pocket and will be much a more comfortable ride. So here’s some great tips to keep cool in your car this summer…

Hang a wet rag over your air vents

A soaked flannel over your air vents will help the air being circulated keep cool. Why not put your liftshare passenger in charge of replacing them once they’ve dried out?

Don’t dry your hair before hopping in the car

Hold off on the hairdryer, and instead do a loose towel-dry just to get the worst off. As the moisture evaporates in the heat, your scalp will cool down and bring down your body temperature.

Use home-made ice packs

Freeze some water in a plastic bottle overnight and in the morning, wrap in a towel. It can sit on your lap, behind your neck, or between your legs. Just don’t keep it there for too long… brrrrr!

Turn round your steering wheel

When parking, turn your steering wheel round 90 degrees. Then, when you return to the car, you can flip it back round so as not to burn your hands!

Shady routes

If your normal route is on an open road, be sure to check if you can find another way that’s more sheltered. A tree-lined street will make for a much more comfortable trip. And could you travel a little earlier/late to avoid the hottest parts of the day? An early evening trip is much likelier to be a bit cooler than across midday.

Windows down

Perhaps a little obvious… but don’t forget! Cracking open the windows just an inch or so will increase the air circulation and get some fresh air in – often A/C systems will just circulate what is already on the inside.

Dress down

Well, it is summer. If you can hold off on the suit until you get to the office, do so. A baggy t-shirt and shorts will make for a much cooler and cosier journey.

Blankets on the seats

It only takes a second to throw a blanket over your car seats when you leave, and it’s a sure-fire way to make sure your seats aren’t burning hot when you get back in later. And if you have a metal gearstick, a t-shirt thrown over it could really help you out – and make sure you’re not delayed waiting for everything to cool down!

This summer, don’t travel hot and bothered and all alone. Find a liftsharer and share your summer roadtrips for cheap, social, green travel.

Photo credit: Pixabay.com

Author Lex Barber


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