Don’t go breaking my car! James Corden and Elton John liftshare to work…

It’s  rainy Monday morning, and James Corden continues his carsharing trend by having another A-List celeb join him on his drive to work – this time, it’s none other than Elton John!

This arpool Karaoke covers Tiny Dancer, Your Song, Looking Up, Circle of Life, and Don’t Let the Sun Go Down, amongst other classic Elton numbers.

Join the two for rainbow boas, sexy sunglasses, and Lion King dress-up in the full video below:

So, who’s next for James’ carpool karaoke? Who would you like to see him with next? Let us know at @Liftshare or in the comments below!

Photo credit: The Late Late Show, YouTube

Author Lex Barber


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