Five things Peter Kay’s new BBC comedy Car Share gets right about shared travel

Last weekend, the Liftshare team attended the premiere of Peter Kay’s new BBC iPlayer comedy Car Share, and opinions are high for this hilarious insight into shared travel.

Whilst Peter Kay’s “Car Share” inevitably indulges in a little exaggeration for (very successful) comedy effect, what struck us most was how much it actually gets right. As experienced sharers ourselves, we recognised several themes running through the six fantastic episodes, which we consider to be spot-on:

1. We may all start a little bit shy and awkward, but it usually blossoms into genuine friendship
John and Kayleigh were familiar through work, but knew nothing about each other’s personal lives and felt slightly awkward when they first started sharing. Conversation was a little stilted and they had to get used to one another’s quirks. But you’d have a heart of stone not to be moved by the final episode, when it becomes clear just how much they have come to like each other, and how they loved their sharing experiences. We can vouch for that one!

2. Silences really can be comfortable
Yes, a lot of great chat goes on when you car-share. You can listen to each other’s problems, laugh at one another’s jokes and put the world to rights. But no one talks all the time, and the same goes for car-sharers. Sometimes people tell us they want to share “but I’m not much of a morning person”. Who is?! Car-sharing is like a normal relationship: sometimes you’ve got loads to say, other times you can relax in companionable silence. Perfect.

3. It transforms your commute
John and Kayleigh probably wouldn’t have car-shared if their employer hadn’t asked them to. But once they started, they didn’t want to go back to travelling alone. They shared banter, debates, silly car games, dating advice and – very importantly – the odd gripe about annoying colleagues! On top of the money saving, no wonder car-sharers don’t want to give that all up to travel solo again.

4. It’s the best thing ever when you’re not up to driving
Been partying until 5am? Not a problem – as Kayleigh discovered! One of the best things about car-sharing is that you can let someone else take the strain. We often hear from lift-sharers who love having the opportunity to relax, maybe catch up on their emails, or even have a bit of a snooze while someone else does the chauffeuring. Sorry, the driving.

5. Sharers really do love a sing-along to the radio!
We mentioned that car-sharers quickly become comfortable with each other, but even we didn’t realise until recently quite how many of them sing along loudly to the radio together as they drive. Well what could put you in a better mood?

Car Share is available on iPlayer from 1-5 April, before being broadcast on BBC1 later in April.

If you want to try car sharing, you can do so on or by downloading our iOS and Android apps today for cheaper, greener and social travel.

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