How to get tickets for Glastonbury 2017

It’s not even the end of the year, and we’ve only just hopped out of our liftshare home from the 2016 festival circuit, but alas, tickets have ALREADY sold out for Glasto 2017. Worthy Farm re-opens its doors on 22nd June, but are there still ways to get tickets? Thankfully, there are, and we’re going to tell you all about them here…

Click here to visit the official Glastonbury Liftshare site and start sorting your travel for 2017!

Ticket Resale

Anyone’s who bought a ticket and now won’t use it has the opportunity to return it – Glastonbury tickets feature names and photos, and so can’t be re-sold. Tickets returned will be available in a flash ticket ‘resale’ sometime in the Spring. There’s no exact date for this yet, but we know it will be April. However, it’s worth noting that if you went through the struggle of trying to buy a ticket initially this year, this will be a similar experience; only with a lot less available for the taking!

Volunteer for Oxfam Stewards

Oxfam Stewards work three shifts on-site at Glastonbury voluntarily, and as reward, their ticket is included! Volunteers normally arrive a couple fo days before the public, so you’ll also get to see some of the event build and get some of your working hours out of the way before anything even begins! You can register your interest now for 2017 events, and they’ll email you in the new year to let you know how to apply. Oxfam Stewards have a really busy Liftshare community for their volunteers to arrange cheap transport there and back, which doubles up a great way to get to know those you’ll be working with before you go!

Volunteer for Camplight

Camplight are a sustainable hospitality company, who recover tents left behind at festivals, then pitches them up for people at others. You can volunteer to help pitch up tents for guests and greet them on-site, then enjoy the festival as you like. They’re not quite at application stage for 2017 just yet, but you can fill our their contact form to register your interest now. Camplight staff also travel together to festivals, so be sure to list your spare seats once you’ve confirmed!

So wait… who’s even playing at Glastonbury 2017?

Well, to be honest, we don’t know yet; nothing’s been confirmed. But odds from the bookies are:

Guns N Roses 4/6
Kasabian 6/4
The Stone Roses 4/1
Radiohead 6/4
Ed Sheeran 4/1
Foo Fighters 5/4
Rihanna 6/1
Lady Gaga 16/1.

What’s the cheapest way to get to Glastonbury?

If you’re a resident of the local area, you’ll probably find that walking or cycling (depending on how much you’re carrying, of course!) is the cheapest and greenest route to Pilton. But if not, be sure to check out the official Glastonbury Liftshare site! If you’re driving to the festival, from near or far, you can offer out the spare seats in your car to other revellers and turn your trip into a tour, with passengers paying you a petrol contribution. You’ll soon turn the traffic queues into a party!

If you’re not driving, but need a way to get there, you can search for drivers with room for others on the site too. As you’re only paying a petrol contribution, and they’re not making a profit, it’s normally cheaper than public transport options.

Either way, you’re contributing to less cars on the road (a real must given the ridiculous traffic queues every year!) and helping keep Worthy Farm as green as possible by cutting emissions. Well done you!

Click here to visit the official Glastonbury Liftshare site and start sorting your travel for 2017!

Author Lex Barber


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