Liftshare Festival Fringe Award crowns its first winner

The Edinburgh Fringe is coming to a close on Monday, August 31st, and it’s been a typically busy year in the capital, which has played host to what is arguably the largest cultural event in the world. As you can imagine, the city streets get pretty busy each August and high traffic levels are common, which is why Liftshare started its new green award for performers.

We invited Fringe acts to send in videos of themselves talking about their green views, and telling a joke or two to help get other performers and their audience thinking more closely about green matters. You can watch all of our video entries here.

Our judging panel has now spoken and crowned its ultimate winner, who is Jon Seagrave (AKA Jonny Fluffypunk), for his wonderfully heartfelt and funny video about environmental change.

Here is Jon’s winning entry:

We’ll have a full interview and spotlight on Jonny and his ongoing show – Man Up Jonny Fluffypunk – which runs beyond the Fringe at venues across the UK.

For now, here’s Jonny’s message in response to winning our first award:

“I’m chuffed to have won this award; a timely reminder in Fringe season that there’s a beautiful country lying beneath the piles of discarded flyers. We need to keep it beautiful. I’ve always been an ecologically-minded performer; my props and sets are all recycled, and a good proportion of the jokes are, too.

“Each year I and thousands of other financially-challenged performers make our way to Edinburgh by whatever means we can – bargain coach, train tickets bought a decade in advance, hitch-hiking with a suitcase full of props… all sociable and all environmentally-friendly.

“Liftshare is a perfect, eco-minded addition; you’ll make new friends, you’ll do a little bit to reduce the carbon footprint and with a bit of luck, whoever you share a lift with might even come to your show.”

Liftshare wants to say thanks to all of its entrants for taking the time to help us get others thinking about green change, and for their brilliant entries. This was the first year of the award, but we hope to take what we’ve learned and go bigger in 2016.

Until next time!

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