Liftshare can save your business thousands of pounds a month!

We’ve delved into how Liftshare can combat the UK’s parking epidemic, but what about reducing the required spaces of your organisation while saving your business money, too?

Surface parking can cost up to £2000 per space to create, with underground car parks stinging £15,000 per space to construct – not taking into account upkeep or rental.


Wolseley, the UK’s largest supplier of building materials, implemented a series of Liftshare products during an office move. Rental of additional parking at their new site was due to cost £25 per space per working week. Starting with a Scoping report, Liftshare were able to identify that 65% of Wolseley staff had viable Liftshare options to the new site, meriting Wolseley to implement a Liftshare scheme. The more staff that could share cars to site or take alternative methods to driving, as identified by the report, meant less parking spaces for the organisation to rent. Wolseley launched their scheme using Liftshare’s dedicated events team to raise awareness to the Liftshare scheme, answering any question staff had and helping them to sign up.

The successful launch of Wolseley Liftshare saw 221 staff of the 234 identified by the Scoping Report sign up to the scheme within the first month. Wolseley also implemented Trip Authentication to allow the organisation to monitor those who were regularly sharing whilst allowing staff flexibility with parking. So far, 33% of staff have authenticated that they Liftshare regularly.


By trusting Liftshare’s sustainable travel and behavioural change knowledge, Wolseley managed to reduce the need of renting 80 additional spaces. In the first 3 months of implementing the scheme, Wolsesley saved £24,000 in employee parking costs, and over the next 2 years they are set to save an unbelievable £200,000 – just by implementing a Liftshare scheme.

That’s not all! Liftsharers themselves save money by their organisation implementing a scheme – to the tune of £1000 per year, on average. This is based on fuel costs being at least halved by those sharing – we also bring wear and tear into our calculations. Not only that, but any tolls and associated parking costs can also be split by people sharing cars. Work out how much you could save by inputting your commute into out Savings Calculator.

Find out more about how Liftshare can benefit your business by visiting or speaking to our team by calling 01603 389321.


Author Laura Watling


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