A snapshot of how London Stansted Airport reduce car park demand

As the third busiest airport in London, it’s not surprising car-parking  is a challenge for Stansted, which is why they chose to implement a Liftshare scheme.

Whilst car park capacity reduction is the key motivation, to be achieved through the reduction of Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV) use, reduction of carbon emissions is a secondary motivation to help the environment.

Section 106 fulfilment must be achieved through the reduction of SOV use. This is currently at 68.8%, with an original target of 71% by 2015 set, but a further reduction to 65% must be achieved by 2018.

A complete car-park dedicated to Liftsharers has been implemented. There are over 140 priority bays available for those who car-share to work. These bays are even closer to the building than the directors’ car park.

Stansted have also implemented an Emergency Ride Home facility for Airport Carsharers; a taxi will take employees from their place of work to their doorstep in the case of an emergency.

Members of the scheme also receive a range of discounts from RAC to Virgin gym membership to encourage participation.

– 433 BUDi teams (on shifts)
– 1,326 members registered to-date

quote marksFrom a business perspective, Liftshare helps towards reducing our single occupancy mode share & associated knock on effects. From an individual perspective, Liftshare is great for our employees to find other employees who work similar shift patterns which in turn cuts the cost of travel, reduces the stress of driving and means being able to park closer to the office. They also have an emergency ride home if needed!”

Cassandra Harvey – Travel Plan Manager


Author Jonathan Scutt


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