How to avoid major delays to your regular travel during the national rail strike next week!

For the first time in 20 years a national rail strike threatens to disrupt commuters across Britain.  The strike which runs for 24 hours from 5pm Monday 25th will see thousands of individuals looking for alternative transport options.

If you already drive to work, now is the time to update your journey on your organisations Liftshare scheme helping others get around during the strike and potentially finding multiple passengers to contribute to your petrol costs. While those without access to a car can also register their journey and take advantage of cheaper, greener and social travel with colleagues.


Google’s search data already shows that many people are turning to car-sharing as a viable alternative to their usual rail journey, so strike (excuse the pun) while the irons hot and contact potential car-sharers today!


With individual commute savings of, on average, £1,000 a year, Liftshare members can use the site’s savings calculator to work out how petrol costs can be divided between drivers and passengers.


Car-sharing can also help with the expected traffic on Britain’s roads during the strike as more people get in their cars. So what are you waiting for, head to your organisations Liftshare scheme and avoid the trains entirely!

Author Jonathan Scutt


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