Are you ready for winter driving?

It’s likely we’re going to get another harsh winter and, like the boy scouts, it’s always good to be prepared!

If  you need to travel in severe weather there are some simple steps that can reduce the risk of being caught out:
•    Be informed – just a few minutes checking the weather forecast and traffic reports for your journey could make all the difference
•    Be prepared – check your vehicle is ready for winter too – and carry an emergency kit
•    Be aware – give the Highways Agency time to do their job – by planning your journey around the weather it allow their crews the time and space they need to get ahead of you and keep the network clear for you
•    Be wise – conditions may change, drive with care.

Remember, it’s not only snow and ice that can affect journeys during the winter season, but strong winds, heavy rain, and thick fog too!  For more information on journey planning and information services, as well as a list of items to carry in your emergency kit, visit the Highways Agency’s website at:

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