Cycle to Work Day made easy with myPTP

Wednesday 15th August marks cycle to work day – conditions are set to be dry but warm for the day in the UK, so fill up a water bottle, slap on some sunscreen, pop on your helmet and get peddling!


So far, 315, 412 miles have been pledged to the commuting event, organised by Cyclescheme.  There are lots of reasons to hop on a bike to work this Wednesday – get some extra exercise and boost those endorphins, reduce carbon emissions for a day and take some car traffic off the roads. If that’s not enough to inspire you, Cycle to Work Day 2018 is offering prizes for your pledges as well as information about how employers and employees can benefit with Cyclescheme.

Keen to get involved but not sure the best route to take? Liftshare are here to help! Our products promote sustainable travel, which is a lot more than just car share. Our myPTP tool will give you a personalised travel plan including, cycling, walking and Liftshare options too.

myPTP uses Cycle Streets to calculate a cycle journey route plan, and the plan will tell you the journey distance, duration, calories burned, and how hilly or flat your journey will be. For example, a 5-mile cycle journey, will take roughly 32 minutes and will help you to burn 136 calories – that’s 272 including your return journey!

myptp map


Most organisations offer cycle facilities, including cycle storage and showers to freshen up after your ride, so, no excuses! Cycle to Work Day offer a check list so that you don’t get caught short on the day, including to remember to take some water, especially in this heat wave!

Organisations across the UK work with us to offer myPTP to their employees, so if you would like a plan, do enquire with your colleagues as to whether this service is offered. If it isn’t, find out more, here.

Author Laura Watling


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