Five car-sharers save £100,000!

No doubt you’ve heard the news about the threatened petrol price increase. It could cost an extra 4p per litre over the coming days.

Save £100,000But let’s not indulge in too much doom and gloom. Here’s an amazing story: five car-sharers saving themselves about £100,000 over the past 20 year. They’ve also experienced many of the less well-known benefits of sharing lifts, such as the welcome opportunity to take a nap as someone else drives you home!

There are currently over 365,000 members on the Liftshare network, sharing or seeking to share. As James, who joined share his commute into York, said: “I think I am saving just over £1,200 per year in petrol alone not to mention wear and tear on my car. We have all become good friends through car-sharing and regularly socialise outside of travelling to work.”

The typical commuter who car-shares saves on average £987 a year. Now could be the ideal time to give it a try!

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