Friday playlist: smooth grooves from Norwich & Doncaster Blues, Rhythm and Rock Festivals

Happy Friday Liftsharers and welcome to a special edition of our weekly Spotify playlist. We recently introduced the Norwich and Doncaster Blues, Rhythm and Rock Festivals, which are taking place February 28 and March 1 respectively.

Both festivals boast a stunning line up of hazy guitar licks, silky smooth vocals and toe-tapping beats that are both infectious and addictive in equal measure.

Headlining both dates are prog rock royalty Focus, who released ‘Golden Oldies’ – an album of all their greatest hits from the past few decades, all loveingly re-recorded and expanded upon. it really is a superb collection from an inspirational band.

They’re followed by the wonderful Anysley Lister, Little Devils and Mark Pontin group – to name just a few.

Check out the smooth playlist below and be sure to follow Liftshare on Spotify for more big festival playlists as we march towards the peak of festival season.

And fon’t forget to check out both the Norwich and Doncaster festival websites for all the information you need to get there and to book Liftshares for cheap, green and social travel.

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