Here to help with your Smarter Choices, Smarter Places 2015/16 Application

The deadline of January 30th is looming for applications and we know time is tight. Liftshare would love to support Councils in securing some much needed revenue to build upon your sustainable transport activities. And, having helped to implement a wide variety of successful projects south of the border we are in a strong position to help you with your proposal.

Our car-sharing and unique, award winning personal travel plans can contribute to delivering the sort of outcomes that are required. We are particularly keen to work with you on changing travel behaviour, including:

  • Car share campaigns and delivery (in house and/or workplace engagement)
  • Workplace active and sustainable travel campaigns
  • Personal travel planning implementation
  • Workplace travel planning
  • Health Premises travel planning
  • Breaking down barriers to employment/supporting economic growth

Whilst the initial funding period is for one year, there are many opportunities through car sharing and the use of our personal travel plans to create legacy for Councils and local communities and to set in place a strong foundation for future funding rounds.

We are experienced in partnerships, working with transport operators, businesses, Councils, Job Centres and Business Park owners for example. But we are open to discussion on any initiative that is important to you.

An example of the work we do…

Eastleigh Borough Council – personal travel planning implementation

Staff members were given the chance to receive a personalised travel plan to their premises by way of a tick box on the annual travel survey.

  • 180 plans delivered
  • 4% response rate to the follow-up survey
  • 34% of individuals considered changing as a result of their myPTP
  • Modal shift so far is 25.5%
  • Staff travelling by SOV reduced by 32.4%
  • Cycling increased by 80%
  • Train use more than doubled
  • Walking rose from 2.1% to 8.5%

 “MyPTP was easy to use and provided travel plans which were well laid out and simple to understand. Many of the staff who received a travel plan said how it had helped them to consider how they could make changes to their journey to work ahead of our move to a new office location. We will continue to use MyPTP, issuing a personalised travel plan to every new member of staff who joins our organisation.”  Hayley Trower – Transport Policy Officer – Eastleigh Borough Council

Under a 3 year licence model of myPTP clients receive a maximum usage of travel plans per annum. So, no matter how many travel plans they generate over a year within the agreed limit, the maximum usage will refresh itself back to 0 for the following year. This model is easily scalable and offers legacy for councils.

If you would like to know more…

We will be running two webinars on Wednesday 14th January at 11am and 2:30pm to talk about how we can help you with your proposals. If you would like to attend, please contact

Author Jonathan Scutt


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