How five Liftsharers became the best of friends

Hello lift-sharers and welcome to day two of #liftshareweek. This is ‘TWOsday’ – your weekly insight into the ways our community are sharing and helping each other conduct simple travel while making amazing connections.

We are so genuinely touched to see many of you helping each other out, we want to get you involved in naming your Liftshare champions – the people who have helped make your travel simpler and more cost-effective.

In the spirit of TWOsday, we will also be speaking with several UK charities to underline the great work they are doing to help others, and to explain how you can get involved. So if you’re ever raising money for charity, we want to know about it.

You can bring your efforts to our attention on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #liftsharethanks or by emailing Shout it from the rooftops, and we can help highlight those who deserve it, and help you hit your fundraising targets here on the Liftshare blog.

So that’s our introduction to TWOsday, now we have our first special Tuesday story from Vidya, who came across Liftshare via a work email and made amazing connections with fellow travellers.

Take it away Vidya…

“My initial reaction to Liftshare was that it was a great idea,” Vidya tells us, “as I had a long and expensive journey to work each day and it sounded great that I could cut back on cost and driving. I signed up immediately.”

Vidya quickly found another person doing almost exactly the same journey as her every day, and they very quickly found themselves on the road with other members who eventually became some of their closest friends.

“For the year that I lift-shared, it made an enormous difference to the quality of my social life,” Vidya continues. “Going to work and coming back from work became the highlight of my day and also led to lots of parties and social events through the people I met whilst lift-sharing. I had never expected that! We also saved a  lot of money.

Vidya urges those on the fence about Liftshare to consider the social benefits of making regular trips with other members, the savings that come with split petrol bills, and more.

“For someone sitting on the fence about whether or not they should Liftshare, I would say, meet up somewhere with the people you propose lift-sharing with to talk about how it’s going to work. If you feel comfortable, go for it. I’m really glad I did and cherish the memories I have from it. If the opportunity to Liftshare comes up again in the future, I’ll sign up for it again.”

So there you have it lift-sharers, a first-hand account of how drivers and passengers can save money and make amazing connections while on the road. Stay tuned for more incredible tales from our community soon.


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