How Liftshare helped an epilepsy sufferer stay mobile

Hello everybody and welcome to ‘Way to Work Wednesday’ on Liftshare Week. Today we meet one of our members who used Liftshare to save money on their daily commute, stay mobile with epilepsy and make amazing new connections.

Commuting aside, Liftshare can be used to get to any number of events up and down the UK – be it a gig, festival, fundraiser or an evening class of some kind. We’d love to hear about how you use Liftshare on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #Liftshareweek.

You can also champion the members who have helped you most using #Liftsharethanks or by dropping us an email at You never know, your nominee might just get their 15 minutes of fame here on our blog.

Let’s dive in to today’s story from lift-sharer Tim, who found himself unable to drive due to epilepsy, a condition that can cause drivers to lose their licence.

He explains that you need to be seizure-free for 12 months in order to legally drive after having your licence revoked, and reveals that he initially took to cycling as his alternative mode of transport.

“During a previous period I commuted by cycling to a friend’s house from the same workplace,” he recalls. “It kept me fit, but winter is long, dark, cold and scary and I also spent an extra 80 minutes travelling per day.”

“Where I live the bus service is insufficient for commuting,” he adds, “so it would either be a case of moving house – which would prevent my partner from working, or giving up work. The money I give to my driver helps him with running costs as he’s a young fella.”

He adds that on top of everything else – including the money we all pay into the economy through taxes, the savings he made through Liftshare really have made a difference. “It absolutely helped,” he continues and explains that he makes two 40 mile journeys a day using Liftshare.

In the end, Liftshare has helped Tim stay mobile despite his epilepsy and even meet new people in the process. “I met two chaps,” he reveals, “the one who was on Liftshare and then his pal who shared the journey with him. They’re actually half my age but they’ve really helped me, so I’ve tried to always be on time and we get on very well.”

Don’t forget that you can use Liftshare to find local drivers or passengers in your area, and get in touch with them to plan simple travel at low cost. You’ll be surprised at just how many people there are out there helping each other on the roads each day. Give it a try!

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