How Liftshare helps a member save big on his daily commute

Over the years we’ve heard many great stories from real Liftshare users about how our car share site helped them get to their favourite music festival, stay mobile while suffering from epilepsy, and make a new best friend on the road.

Today we hear from another member of our community Andy, who commutes between Edinburgh and Glasgow every day. He used to be a Ghost Tour guide, and recently took up paragliding and snowboarding – so he always has great stories to tell his fellow car sharers.

Andy tells us, “I used to be part of an informal carpool with colleagues. We saved loads on fuel, and it was good to have others to chat to, but the biggest benefit was being able to do some reading or catch up on emails during the journey on days I wasn’t driving.”

It was a great experience for Andy, however, when his colleagues moved away he found himself without a car share option. That’s where Liftshare came in.

“They’ve all moved away now and I drive the 65 miles each way on my own,” Andy continues. “So I’ve joined Liftshare. The website’s really straightforward, and I’ve downloaded the new Android app which is nice and easy to use too.”

Andy recalls a memorable lift with Liftshare member Joanna, “She was a great passenger and I’m always happy to give others a one-off lift. But I’d love to find a regular sharer too. I can do the driving or we can take turns.”

The feeling was mutual, as Joanna rated Andy’s lift 10/10 and added that he was both a “really good driver” and “definitely recommended!”

So if you’re making the Edinburgh-Glasgow trek too, do a search on and you’ll find our Andy…  he looks forward to hearing from you!


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