“I save £3,000-£4,000 a year with Liftshare”

Well hello there and welcome to Liftshare Week, the celebration of our wonderful community and the incredible stories they have to tell.

We’ve dubbed today ‘Money-Saving Monday’ because it’s no secret that Liftshare drivers and passengers have been saving a great deal on transport – be it a regular commute, or a long road trip to their favourite sport or music event.

If you have any money-saving stories of your own, let us hear all about it using the hashtag #liftshareweek on Twitter and Facebook, or if one of our members has helped you save a lot on your travel and you’d like to champion them, give them the kudos they deserve by dropping us a line at superheroes@liftshare.com.

We kick off Liftshare Week with Stephen, a long-time member who has saved a great deal on his travel since signing up as both a driver and passenger. Read on and find out how – through the power of sharing, you can cut down your travel costs and make new friends on the road.

Go for it Stephen…

“I was first introduced to Liftshare by a colleague back in November 2010,” he tells us. “My initial reaction was “Great! I really need to start saving money”. I had just moved house and had gone from a daily round trip of 30 miles to a far longer journey. After the first month I realised how much money I was going to be spending on petrol.”

Stephen was on board with the Liftshare concept from day one, and he quickly found himself saving £3,000-£4,000 on travel costs each year. He stresses that at a time when the UK and Ireland is being squeezed financially, these savings are welcome not just to him, but his family as well.

Stephen also has some words for those who aren’t sure about Liftshare, and he adds, “Would you refuse free money? That is what lift-sharing is – effectively someone handing you hundreds or thousands of pounds a year just to share and have access to an everyday resource – your car.

“if you take turns driving, not only will you save money on fuel but also on wear and tear to your vehicle and it may even lower your insurance premiums as you’ll be on the road less. Plus there’s the added benefit of having a snooze when you aren’t driving.”

Fans of money take note: Stephen is not alone in his savings, as there are thousands of people hitting the road each week using Liftshare and significantly cutting back on their transport costs. Not only does this make for simpler travel, but through driving with others they have made amazing social connections as well.

Stay tuned for more stories from the community this week on the blog, and remember; you can get involved using #liftshareweek and #liftsharethanks.

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