Introducing new functionality on the Liftshare system

Ratings and reviews

Online reviews are playing a significant role in breaking down the barriers of sharing with others.  As a result we’re pleased to offer all groups the ability to enable our brand new ‘rating and review’ system, which gives network members the opportunity to rate one another.

The ratings and reviews given to members after contact with one another can help to significantly increase trust within the community and boost the credibility of the service. Ratings and reviews also allow others to know that a member has used the service and that this member is recommended to others.

Whilst there may be some reluctance about including the ratings and functionality within your scheme, with a fear of negative consequences and poor ratings, we can tell you since implementation on Liftshare 70% of users have been rated 10. And there is an average rating of 8.

In everyday life 79% of individuals view ratings and reviews important when making decisions – and 63% of individuals are more likely to proceed with an action following positive ratings and reviews – why should car-sharing be any different?

We anticipate the addition of ratings and reviews will see more contact through your scheme and help to further relay concerns about car-sharing and we’ll be tracking the stats and reporting as we go!

Response times

One of the biggest bug bears for many members using the network is not receiving a timely response from others, making it difficult to plan in advance. And this is why we’ve added ‘quick responder’ badges to all listings from members who reply to messages received, on average, within 24 hours.

This new badge is designed to help members searching, so they can easily identify and contact those they know are likely to respond promptly. We also expect the inclusion of this badge on listings will also encourage other members who have posted journeys to offer a speedy reply to any messages.

How response times work…

  • Calculates score from most recent 10 RtS (starting at two RtS)
  • Takes average (i.e. total hours divided by RtS sent)
  • This includes those they haven’t responded to
  • Based per member
  • Based on Requests To Share (i.e you only have to reply to each member once to get the badge- not to every message)
  • Option for groups to switch this function on/off
  • Badge appears if someone is a good responder (i.e. avg <24 hours) saying “Responds quickly”
  • Displayed on journey info (the page you get from find out more in search) and in the member overview in messaging.

Author Jonathan Scutt


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