Introducing our new Liftshare Community Manager

Amy Young - Liftshare Community Manager

We’ve recently welcomed Community Manager, Amy Young, to the team. Amy loves football and guinea pigs, but can’t stand coriander (which is unfortunately her guinea pigs’ favourite food).

Amy will be handling member support queries and email comms, as well as improving user experience on the Liftshare website and app.

Liftshare usage has been steadily increasing over the last two years, but understandably, we still have a way to go to return to pre-pandemic levels. Amy will be actively promoting Liftshare to attract new members. Along with working on improving engagement, the aim is to drive (pun intended) more journey matches and ultimately more sharing.

Here’s a little from Amy herself:

How I hope to build the Liftshare community

“So far I’ve been listening to member feedback on everything Liftshare, which is always greatly appreciated. I’ve been looking at how easy it is to sign-up and get around the site, and how we can encourage more people to add journeys.”

“I have some exciting projects in the pipeline and will keep you informed about product developments and new partnerships. Watch this space! I’ll also be keeping our blog and Facebook and Twitter channels up-to-date so more people can find out about the important service Liftshare provides.”

What I love about my job so far

“One of the best parts of my job as Community Manager is hearing how Liftshare has helped people and connected them. So, if there’s anyone you want to thank for being such a great sharer let me know. I’d be happy to give them a shout out.”

“I’d love to know how they’ve gone the extra mile for you, or just why you’ve enjoyed sharing with them. It could simply be that they’ve got great chat or they get the best snacks in for the journey. Or maybe they’ve helped you get somewhere that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible.”

Get in touch with Amy on to send her your sharer thank you notes. Or email with suggestions on how we can improve your Liftshare user experience.

Author Sarah Roberts


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