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May celebrates National Walking month, organised by Living Streets – the UK’s charity for every day walking.

For 19-64 year olds, the recommended time of weekly physical activity is 150 minutes. That’s just over 21 minutes a day. However, NHS statistics show that ¼ of adults in that age bracket do less than 30 minutes of physical activity… a WEEK!

In 2017, a government survey found that only 7% of all walking trips were for commuting purposes. With 32.4 million people commuting to work in some way daily, that is a very small percentage.

This May, encourage your colleagues to walk to work if their commute is within a reasonable walking distance to site.


Choosing to walk has many benefits beyond burning a few extra calories and getting some fresh air.

Living Streets reports that regular exercise boosts overall work performance by about 15%. Added to that, a highly engaged workforce is thought to improve operating income by 19.2%. Take a look at the other benefits here.

Liftshare can help you on your way!


With myPTP, we can help you to provide personalised travel plans to staff in minutes, showing them all their possible commuting options to work, including walking.

The travel plan provides a clear, interactive journey map, the estimated length of travel time, as well as potential calories burned, and CO2 saved.

myptp modes

MyPTP is an award-winning tool, having won a Smart Travel Award for ‘Best Shared Transport Project Award’ in 2019 and delivers an average modal shift of 17%.

Find out how you can incorporate myPTP into your organisation here or give us a call on 01603 389321.


Author Laura Watling


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