Liftshare reduces parking demand by 25%

Ordnance Survey have 850 people travel to their site each day, they were looking to reduce parking demand by 25% and chose Liftshare to help…


• The car park is oversubscribed with pressure increasing – 547 spaces
• The road outside the site which was used by a number of staff is now subject to parking restrictions and this has led to further pressure
• 49 dedicated car-share spaces are available at the site but these are rarely more than half full
• No structured promotion of the car-share scheme


• Official Liftshare scheme implemented
• Create and use case studies of current sharers
• Liftshare launch event with supporting communications via intranet, posters and information screens


• 260 members registered (30% of audience)
• Record number of dedicated spaces, 47 – filled in May 15!
• 163 members sharing (62% of those registered)
• 34.9% of members used to drive alone
• Collectively staff are saving – £120,264 and 158.9 tonnes of CO2 in the next 12 months!

Author Jonathan Scutt


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