Product release: Smart Parking

Organisations now have the ability to allocate parking permits that identify car sharers via unique QR codes using Liftshare’s unique verification technology.

Smart Parking is the technology which connects a client’s Liftshare scheme, Parking Permits and Trip Authentication together into one package, and gives clients the reassurance that employees are sharing their commute on a regular basis.

The highlights

  • Employees of businesses are incentivised to car share and validate their trip on a daily basis with the Liftshare Smartphone App;
  • Every journey on the system shows the member how much money they’ve saved, how much CO2 has been saved and an equation of that into how many trees have been saved;
  • Organisations have a car sharing platform embedded into their business that is easy to use for members, easy to manage for Liftshare Scheme Managers and provides financial, sustainable and membership data to help with business cases and impact reporting.


“Managing my organisations car park is time consuming. I want to have full visibility of which members of staff are sharing their journeys together, when and from where. I want to have real time data, that’s accurate and able to be monitored from the comfort of my office. “

The Smart Parking software enables all of this.

The tool gives clients the monitoring access and reassurance that employees are sharing their commute to work through Liftshare.  We understand your employees need a process that is easy and safe to use, that incentivises them to Liftshare and allows you to sanction those that are abusing the car parking policy.


How does the Smart Parking tool benefit your business?

  • Manage
    • Allocate parking spaces (dedicated car share bays) and parking permits for authenticated car sharers.
  • Monitor
    • Validate whether those using priority/car share parking spaces are indeed sharing their journey with another colleague;
    • Provides full visibility remotely, view-able on the Liftshare Dashboard;
    • Tracks location of where the trip was authenticated and where the trip ends;
    • Allows parking attendants to scan permits to view comprehensive data of the staff’s sharing status and history, allowing them to enforce parking policy where appropriate;
    • Gives real time data of staff’s sharing status.
  • Incentivise
    • Use the Liftshare dashboard to monitor and track cumulative numbers of authenticated car share trips and reward Liftsharers accordingly.
  • Impact
    • Increases the accuracy of monetary savings based on actual authenticated trips;
    • Measure environmental impact based on accurate mileage covered by car sharing employees.


It’s an exciting time for Liftshare in terms of product releases. We’re fully invested in this product and keen to work with clients to innovate it into being the best product for your needs.

To find out about the Smart Parking technology further contact us.

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Author Sarah Roberts


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