The Beast from the East returns!

Remember the Beast from the East which battered Britain at the start of 2018? Well, we’re sorry to break it to you (if you didn’t already realise), but it’s back, and although it’s been dubbed ‘mini’, it looks like the cold weather will be here to stay. Combine that with the dark nights drawing in ever earlier and it creates some pretty nasty driving conditions.

We’ve compiled our top tips to driving safely this winter:

  • Do regular checks to ensure your front and rear lights are working properly
  • Ensure your windscreen is clean – even dirty air in your car’s heaters can cause blurry build up. The RAC gives advice on demisting your windscreen quickly, and keeping it clean using… shaving foam!
  • Check that the tread of your tyres is within the legal limit for driving – that’s 1.6 millimetres. Need to test them? Do the 20p test!
  • Carry some essentials in your car such as a torch – a head torch is even better should you need to inspect your vehicle; ice-scraper and de-icer; spare warm clothes or a blanket; a car emergency kit; and importantly, your insurance and break down policy details should you need to call someone out.
  • Ensure you leave with plenty of time to get to your destination: “more haste, less speed”. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your journey will be! Plus, inconsiderate driving come with some hefty fines.

Why not do each other a favour this winter and share your journeys? Drivers, help get non-drivers out of the cold and offer them a lift. Not only will you be able to offer them the comfort of warm vehicle but you’ll also be able to cut your travel costs in half. Passengers, search for a lift and keep a driver company – we know you’ll have much more fun on your commute, like Nathalie:

nathalie case study


Travel Happy!

Author Laura Watling


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