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The 14th of July was a sad day for loyal users as the site announced it was closing. They’d been bought by the French long distance ride-sharing specialist Blablacar and as a result all rides due to happen after August had been cancelled and all user accounts would close. had been a popular part of the car share community here in the UK, and while we like Blablacar, they’re open and honest about being a long haul ride-sharing site. If you think you might want to do some shorter car shares, like commutes or trips from London to Manchester, Edinburgh to Glasgow, Birmingham to Liverpool and similar then we would recommend recreating your account on Liftshare.

Here’s our easy transfer guide:


With your Email

  • The details you need handy to create a Liftshare account are
    1. Forename
    2. Surname
    3. Email address
    4. Enter email twice; it is important we get it right
    5. A new password (it is best practise not to re-use passwords)
    6. We’ll ask you whether you identify male or female
  • You’ll be taken to your dashboard while we send you a verification link to your email
  • Click on “Account” at the end of the blue bar near the top of the page
  • We encourage you to write a short bio about yourself.
  • On the left, click “Photo” and upload a picture of yourself. You’ll find this helps secure car shares.
  • Click on “Verification”, also on the left, and enter your phone number
  • You can also visit “Transactions” and enter your bank details for cashless car shares

dashboard members looking for new car shares

If you are a driver and would like to offer a lift, you can use our easy system to share your details. If this is a regular journey that repeats, be sure to set your frequency and you’ll be asked to mark which days you’ll take the trip. This is useful for regular commuters or those doing the same trip on multiple days of the week.

Why don’t we just let you repeat journeys forever? We’ve found that it doesn’t work very well when people take bank holidays off or go abroad for a few weeks in the summer, and are unable to make their regular trip.  Alternatively, you might only drive into work three days out of five, but you’ll be happy to know our calendar copes with this.

If you’re a former passenger and you’re now looking for a new driver then we recommend our Journey Alerts page. Start here to enter the details of a journey you want to make and we’ll keep an eye on the route for you. If there’s no driver available right now but one comes along later, we’ll  be sure to let you know.


If you want to ask the Liftshare team any questions about the site or how the platform works, simply email and one of our friendly team will be in touch to help.

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