10 in-car gadgets you didn’t know you needed

Go-go-gadget car! Today we’re focussing on gadgets for your car, and we’ve scoured the internet for the coolest must-have devices and product that you didn’t even know you needed. Not only do these tech marvels and genius solutions make your journey easier, they can even make the ride more interesting too.

Here we go…

1 In-car wifi system

There are a few of these around now, but we like the EE Buzzard. It’s a drinks-can-sized hub that produces a wifi signal from EE’s 4G network, and can host up to 10 devices connected to it at once. So that’s the driver’s iPhone on GPS, the passenger checking Facebook, and the kids in the back on Netflix. Just don’t forget the headphones…

Buy in-car wifi from EE

2 The Drop Stop

Stop losing your phone/keys/food down the back and sides of your seat with the Drop Stop, which plugs the gap its creator calls the ‘Carmuda Triangle’. A black neoprene cover, it fits between your seats to make sure there’s no more leaning down and around to find lost belongings!

Order the Drop Stop from their US website

3 Fix-A-Flat spray

Claiming to be the world’s first emergency flat tyre spray, Fix-A-Flat will seal small punctures and help up the tyre pressure enough to get you to the nearest garage for a change or petrol station for more air.

Buy Fix-A-Flat at Amazon.co.uk

4 A ‘dash cam’

Dashboard cameras are becoming increasingly popular and are great evidence trackers for accidents, parking scrapes, and even just documenting your road trips. There’s plenty of options and brands available for all budgets, car sizes, and uses.

Check out Halfords’ range of Dash Cams

5 Grip Strip

No matter your phone model, you can use a Grip Strip to stick it to your dashboard in a way that you can actually see it! There will be no more wedging it into a relevant gap or balancing it on the top – just set up your GPS, stick it on, and away you go.

Buy Grip Strip @ Firebox.com

6 A steering wheel desk

Stopped for a quick bite? Need to pull over to answer your e-mails? Pick up a steering wheel desk and fix it in for an instant surface on your lap. Big enough to fit a laptop, a takeaway or a book, it makes your car into a desk and gives an easy workable area for your pitstops.

You can find loads of steering wheel desks on Google

7 Rain-X spray

A glass cleaner and ‘rain repellant’, Rain-X increases your visibility in wet weather by sealing the tiny pores in the glass with a clear barrier. It also works on sleet and snow, and can last 2-3 weeks, which is perfect for the Great British weather…

Buy Rain-X at Halfords

8 Bluetooth mobile pairing kit

Unless you have a very new car with the latest tech, you’ll be constantly pulling over to return calls. Alas, the problem can be solved by an easy Bluetooth pairing kit, so you can drive and chat to your hearts content, and remain safe and focussed on the road.

Buy a 2-phone Bluetooth kit from Maplins

9 Twist tube light

A great flexible flashlight to help illuminate those hard-to-see spots when you’ve opened the bonnet and are acting like an expert. It’s 100% waterproof and can even float if you’re really in a sticky situation!

Buy a twist tube light from Menkind

10 AA Road Atlas

OK, so it’s not really a gadget – but it can’t be beaten. For those times when you don’t have access a GPS, and are still after directions, a handy road atlas is often the easiest answer… if you have a competent map reader on-board, that is!

Buy the latest UK Road Atlas direct from the AA

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