5 essential sharing apps & sites for football fans

Travel and football go hand-in-hand. Whether you’re crossing town to reach your favourite club’s stadium for another thrilling match, or you’ve organised an away game road trip, there many reasons why car sharing can help dedicated fans save big cash during each fixture.

But the saving potential doesn’t stop at travel – far from it in fact! Here are five sharing sites that can help die-hard football supporters save cash during every season.

5. Airbnb: for your away accommodation needs

Sometimes you just have to make a big weekend of your team’s away games, especially if it’s a really important fixture towards the end of a season that could decide relegation or promotion places. When this situation arises, you might want to spend a day or two in town with some drinking after the match thrown in for good measure. When you want to make an epic time of it, sharing site Airbnb has all your accommodation needs covered!

Airbnb is a simple concept that sees members putting up their spare rooms, second homes or flats up for short holiday lets – typically for less than nearby hotel rates too! Sometimes you will be sharing a place with the owners, but you can also find swanky inner city penthouses, large town houses and other lavish lodgings suitable for your needs. it’s all secure and fun, but most of all it’s comfortable as you have the luxury of a full home at your disposal. We recommend giving this site a shot.

Get the Airbnb app on Android and iOS.

4. Liftshare: for cheaper match travel

Whether your team is playing home or away, cheaper football travel can be yours thanks to Liftshare. Let’s say the coach of your local supporter’s branch is already full and you need an affordable way to get to the game – by signing up to Liftshare for free, you can search for lifts among our community of over 450,000 drivers and passengers for other people going your way. If a driver is heading to or near the stadium, you can request one of their spare seats. It costs far less than train too – that’s a guarantee!

Or let’s say you’re driving to a match out of town and you want to save a bit on petrol – why not post the journey on Liftshare for free and offer up your spare seats for a fair split of the total fuel bill. Car sharing doesn’t affect your insurance as you won’t make a profit, just enough to cover your petrol, and for peace of mind our members are ID checked via our secure payment system.

Get the Liftshare app on Android and iOS.

3. JustPark: to help you get parked when town is busy

Chances are you have experienced some pretty crazy congestion around football matches before. perhaps it takes ages to leave the match after the final whistle has blown due to crowds, or maybe the coach has been stuck in traffic for ages trying to escape the city? If you’re driving in your own car it’s likely you won’t want to park anywhere near the grounds due to all the gridlock and chaos, but help is at hand with parking app JustPark.

JustPark takes the hassle out of finding a parking space all over the UK. Simply search where you would like to park and choose from a list of everyday people offering their residential spaces for less than metered or multi-tiered car parks. You can book short term, long-term and 24-hour spaces if you choose, and you’d be surprised at the spread of inner city and suburban spaces available across the country. Avoid headaches and avoid missing kick-off by booking a quick parking space with this brilliant site and app.

Get the JustPark app on iOS.

2. Vinted: for when you want to sell your old team shirt

This might sound like an odd one, but let’s say you have an old team strip you don’t use any more and you want to make some cash from it – rather than giving it away for free. You should check out Vinted, which is best-described as an online shop for second-hand clothes where you can even loan clothes out to people if you wish.

Simply list your unwanted shirt or strip on the marketplace, set a fair price and start responding to buyer offers as they come in. It’s a simple way to share your old clothes with others for a fraction of high street or official club shop prices.

Download Vinted on Android and iOS.

1. OpenPlay: for when you want to play football yourself

But what if you want to form or join a football team of your own? Whether you fancy an after-work or weekend kick-about, or if you just fancy meeting other footie fans in your neighbourhood over a friendly match in the park – the answer is OpenPlay. This site is designed to help people find sports teams and facilities in their local area, and gives existing clubs a way to reach out to the community and encourage new people to join their clubs.

Using the site’s smart search, football fans can find clubs looking for players, put themselves forward for clubs and browse a directory of affordable sports centres, playing fields and more within their local area. it’s quick, easy and social too.

So there you have it football fans, there are sharing economy sites out there to help you get to the game, sell your old football gear and play the sport itself. Have you used any of these sites before? Let us know below.

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