🎃 The 13 best Halloween events to liftshare to this spooky season

All Hallows Eve is almost upon us, and the country is getting more in the spooky spirit than ever – just look at Liftshare’s Halloween make-over! 2016 has a whole host of Halloween events up and down the country, and here’s our pick of the top 13 for you to visit.

1 Primevil, Norfolk

Set in the Dinosaur Adventure Park, Primevil brings 5 scary attractions to the theme park – strictly for adults only. Introducing the Carnevil of Terrors, the Mayhem Manor Hotel, Zone 64 East, the Forest of Fear and The Dark, the park is split into themed areas full of street performers, mazes, and scary attractions. The park is award-winning and there’s still tickets available. Norfolk Liftshare will help you find your match to and from the site… if you all make it out, that is!

2 Fright Nights @ Thorpe Park, Chertsey

The island theme park is back bigger and better than ever for 2016 Fright Nights. New attraction Platform 15 encourages you to walk along a deserted railroad, and see if you can out-run what’s at the other end. The last train to depart that way, the Sleeper Express, was never seen again. Will you be? Liftshare.com has over 500 lifts available to Chertsey.

3 Supernatural Ghost Tour, Belfast

Join the Northern Ireland Paranormal Research Association on a spine-tingling guided tour of Titanic’s Dock & Pump-House. You’ll descend 44ft into Titanic’s Dock to explore the presence of workers long gone, before mvoing into the Pump-House. You’ll be given your own Electo-Magnetic Field detector and 90 mins to find evidence of the paranormal. Who knows
what you’ll find! Carshare NI has spare seats daily to Belfast.

4 The Festival of Souls, Blackpool

Stingy Jack guides guests through the Blackpool Tower, which this Halloween is overrun with scarecrows. The ghosts and ghouls of the Fylde descend on the Tower and lines between the living and the dead begin to blur… will you be brave enough to stay? Shared Wheels has lifts available all over Lancashire!

5 Hedkandi Halloween Party, Glasgow

Hedkandi bring their spooky celebrations to Kavalii nightclub, Glasgow, for a themed party that’s set to run until dawn. Strictly 18+, the club’s last admission is 2am, so there’ll be more dark boots, less glass slippers. SPT Journeyshare hosts lift drivers and lift seekers all across Glasgow and the surrounding areas!

6 Zombie Crawl, Newquay

Newquay’s Business Improvement District is hosting a free Zombie Crawl for all from 1:30pm this Halloween weekend from the Piazza. A parade of everyone’s ghoulish fancy dress will end with a dance workshop and spooky family disco! List your spare seats now at Carshare Cornwall.

7 The Highwayman Hunt, Cardiff

Cardiff Castle has had some mysterious sightings (and then disappearances) of a masked Highwayman. Hunt him down, listen to some spooky storytelling, and watch the Halloween parade; all included in a standard admission ticket. Book your lift to Cardiff now!

8 İVamos! Dia de los Muertos, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Latin American festival İVAMOS! takes over Newcastle for a family-friendly Day of the Dead celebration with face-painting, costumes, live music, Mexican food stalls and craft workshops. Get your glitter and flowers on… alongside your skeleton suit, of course! Offer out your spare seats to Newcastle now at Liftshare.com.

9 Night and Day markets, Birmingham

A Halloween weekender comes to the canalside courtyard in Birmingham, full of street food, boutique bars, market stalls and cocktail making classes. To top it off, the live music line-up features several DJs including Craig Charles, so this is a celebration not to miss. There’s over 500 lift offers to Birmingham on Liftshare.com, and hundreds of lift requests, so you can find your perfect match for the party.

10 To DIE for Scare Grounds, Wakefield

Yorkshire’s undisputed #1 Halloween destination, the Scare Grounds, subjects victims to disorientation and distraction, terrifying characters, and some chilling situations including pitch black corridors, moving floorboards, and some seriously confined spaces. Don’t be surprised if you end up running through the attractions rather than savouring the experience! List your spare seats at WYCarShare.com now.

12 Satrosphere!, Aberdeen

A great Halloween treat for children, the Aberdeen Science Centre is set to scare them right out of their socks! Spooky themed workshops and ghoulish games alongside creepy science experiments (practical, not theoretical) and party food and drink set the scene for a great weekend. Adults will grimace at the creepy crawlie show and all can dress up for fancy dress competitions. Admission is free for adults. Book your travel now at the Aberdeenshire Car Share site.

13 Condemned, Edinburgh

A journey into witchcraft, the new Condemned tour from Real Mary King Close investigates into herbal medicine experiments and the witch-hunting they so encouraged. The tour will take you back to the 18th century to real resident’s stories and experiences during the period. Sort your travel now at Tripshare Edinburgh.

Wherever you’re headed this Halloween, share your journey and save on cash and carbon. Petrol bills can be the scariest thing about driving, but we can turn those frowns upside down!

If you have any recommendations for events to liftshare to, let us know at @Liftshare on Twitter!

Author Lex Barber


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