5 things we hope Peter Kay’s Car Share gets right about car sharing

Liftshare is eagerly awaiting the debut of Peter Kay’s new comedy show Car Share, which is heading to BBC iPlayer this Spring, and will premiere at the Blackpool Opera House on Saturday, March 28. We’ll be there in the audience to check out all six episodes, and we’re keen to see how the concept of car sharing is handled on-screen.

While we’re fans of Kay’s comedy, there are a few factors we hope the show will get across to present the money-saving, social inclusion and many other positive factors that the sharing economy brings to every day people all over the world.

So without further ado, here are five things we hope Peter Kay’s Car Share gets right about car sharing!


5. Save money by car sharing

In Car Share, both characters John (Kay) and Kayleigh (Sian Gibson) are colleagues at a major, out of town supermarket and find themselves car sharing after their employers set up a shared travel scheme. This happens at companies more than you’d think, as it’s a great way for businesses to cut down on the carbon their employees produce while travelling to work. We’ll get to that in a moment!

But perhaps the biggest factor that draws people to Liftshare is its money-saving potential. Members who have cars can post details of their journeys ahead of time, and offer up their spare seats to anyone needing a lift. All it costs is a split of the total petrol fee, so not only are our lifts cheaper than taxi, coach, rail – and in several cities, bus, it helps drivers keep their car running costs down. We hope Car Share gets this side of these schemes across.

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4. Car sharing is good for the environment

We mentioned that businesses use car share schemes to cut down on carbon and to help them meet their green targets, but the same is also true of every day individuals using Liftshare. One good example is our yearly work with the iconic Glastonbury Festival, which sees us offering shared travel to the thousands of revellers who go to the event every year. Imagine if all of those people shared cars instead of driving in smaller groups?

The idea here is that with less cars on the road and more filled seats, the volume of carbon spent will lower. We feel this might be too serious a topic for Kay’s Car Share, but even a little nod to the green benefits of shared travel would be great. To cite a recent example of where this worked in the UK – it was suggested that carbon around London’s Oxford street lowered drastically during the February bus strike. It’s simple: less vehicles equals less pollution.


3. Sharing cars is convenient

In Car Share, it seems that both John and Kayleigh start sharing lifts because their employer asks them to, but in reality shared travel is anything but a chore. Right now there are thousands of people sharing lifts as a lifestyle choice, not as an alternative because they couldn’t make their train or the buses are delayed. It’s happening all around you all the time, and it’s there for you whenever you need it.

If you feel like you’re spending too much on travel, all it takes is one quick location search on the Liftshare.com homepage to see what lifts are being offered in your area. You’ll be surprised at the volume of drivers offering their spare seats all day round, all year round, and to a variety of locations and events. Why not give it a shot?


2. We hope both characters become friends in the end

It seems that both John and Kayleigh won’t be the best of friends once they start their car sharing adventure, but we have a sneaking suspicion it will all work out in the end. Over the years Liftshare members have told us many great stories about how they made life-long friends after commuting with others, or about the friendships they made after travelling to and from music festivals around the country.

One thing to bear in mind about car sharing is that generally, people who help others in the sharing economy are very helpful, outgoing and might just be the easiest people to get on with you’ll ever meet. So while Car Share’s duo don’t seem to have much in common at the outset, we’re hopeful that their gradual friendship will echo the true connections our members have experienced.


1. Anyone can car share

To reiterate a point: anyone can car share – whether you’re two people entering into a work-based sharing scheme, a driver looking to keep their car outgoings down, or a non-driver who can’t afford a vehicle in need of travel. Liftshare and indeed the wider sharing economy have been designed to be non-exclusive, friendly and open-minded. Whatever your travel needs, and whatever your background, you’ll always have a place with us. Given that Car Share’s John and Kayleigh appear to be two very different people, it seems the show has this aspect covered.

There you have it folks, and be sure to stay tuned for our full review of Car Share after March 28 right here on the blog. Don’t forget to visit Liftshare.com to see how much money you can save on every day travel whether you’re commuting, going to a sports fixture, heading to a music festival or any other event. Download our free iOS and Android apps to find even more cheap lifts with friendly people in your area.

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