Liftshare Festival Fringe Award Spotlight: Ian Crawford

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is well underway, and acts from all over the city’s venues are sending in their entries for the new annual Liftshare Fringe Award, which focuses on green and sustainable travel in the capital throughout August.

It’s all part of our attempts to help raise awareness of green matters in Edinburgh during this busy month. The festival is a wonderful celebration of culture and the arts, so we want to help keep thins positive and waste-free to keep Edinburgh beautiful. We can make a start by helping each other through car sharing to the city and its many Fringe venues.

Our latest entry comes from cutlery safety expect Ian Crawford, who’s got some sensible safety advice for his passengers. Check out his song below “Leave Some Room for the Spoon,” which was composed by his father-in-law Brian Nicholson.

Being a representative from the (fictional) Steel and Cutlery Manufacturers Association, Ian is on hand to offer practical health and safety advice for all those who use cutlery – be it at the festival or elsewhere! You can catch Ian’s solo show between August 23rd-29th at the Southsider, and tickets are free. Book your place now at the Ed Fringe website!

If you need any urgent cutlery help, or need a lift to one of Ian’s shows, be sure to drop him a line on Twitter at @SpoonSense.

Author Lex Barber


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