New Tube Chat badge aims to get commuters talking on the Underground

Following the success of badges for pregnant and disabled customers, a commuter has launched ‘Tube Chat’ pins and is handing them out to Underground travellers – but receiving a mixed response.

Londoners, who are stereotyped as quiet toward each other whilst travelling on the Underground, have proved a tougher audience for Jonathan Dunne, the man behind the idea, than he had expected. “Twenty percent think it’s nice and about 80% of people think it’s terrible, worst idea ever!” he said in an interview with the BBC.

An information card given out with the Tube Chat badge tells people they will “benefit from a daily chat”, but of course, this relies on people actually taking, wearing, and acting upon the badges.

Jonathan’s idea has been implemented without any involvement from TfL, unlike previous campaigns. A spokesperson said “Although the Tube Chat badge sounds like an interesting idea, this isn’t an official TfL campaign. We currently only promote two badges to be worn while travelling – our Baby on Board badge and a new trial badge for people with hidden disabilities.”


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What kind of traveller are you? Headphones in, eyes down, or ears open and ready to talk? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter at @Liftshare!



Author Lex Barber


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