Peter Kay’s BBC comedy Car Share gets new iPlayer release date & episode synopsis

Liftshare was in Blackpool two weeks ago to watch the premiere of all six episodes of Peter Kay’s new BBC comedy Car Share.

We found it to be a fun, touching series that looks into the bond between two supermarket staff as they commute to work every day. Throughout the series colleagues John and Kay become great friends, and start to really understand who they are away from work. It echoes the very real stories of Liftshare members becoming friends as they travel, which is something we love to see!

You can find out more about the series in our Peter Kay Car Share review.

We had previously reported a launch date for the series as April 4 on BBC iPlayer, but the broadcaster has now pushed back the six-episode run a little. Now, all six episodes will appear on the streaming service between April 24-28, before heading to BBC One in due course.

The BBC has also sent us a full episode synopsis guide for each show:

  • Episode 1
    When a supermarket issues a new car share scheme assistant manager John Redmond and promotions rep Kayleigh Kitson are forced to commute together every day. But will they get along?
  • Episode 2
    Due to an unfortunate event at work John and Kayleigh are required to take the morning off, but as a result they manage to get to know each other a little bit better.
  • Episode 3
    Kayleigh is running late but John is determined to get to work on time, as the last thing he needs on the journey are any further delays.
  • Episode 4
    With a fancy new hands-free phone kit fitted in his car John arrives at Kayleigh’s house only to discover she’s far more excited by previous night’s events.
  • Episode 5
    It’s John’s Nan’s birthday but he’s forgotten to post her card. Will he be able to put things right on the journey en route to work?
  • Episode 6
    Kayleigh has a lot on her mind and the last thing she needs is to be promoting national blackcurrant jam week. Luckily John is on hand to give her some unwanted encouragement and advice.

There you have it folks. Are you excited to check out Car Share at launch? Let us know below.

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