This YouTube chef cooks his food inside his car – or does he?

Did you ever wonder if you could oven bake a pizza inside your car during a hot day? Well, that’s basically the entirely philosophy of YouTube chef Haim Cohen who, thanks to the scorching heat in his native Israel, cooks all of his food using the intense heat inside his car.

Watch as he lovingly prepares a thin-crust pizza by the roadside, then lobs it into the back seat for 30 minutes  before producing a perfectly-cooked meal at the end. It’s actually quite amazing.

Watch the master at work here:

OK, you may have figured this out by now, but this is actually a stunt to help raise awareness around the dangers of leaving your child in a scorching hot car without proper ventilation or sun protection for too long. So while this looks like a fun video, the health implications are very real indeed.

Liftshare is all about helping people put their cars to better use by offering lifts to others, but we also place driver and passenger safety at priority number one at all times. So make sure you have a comfortable car for all fellow liftsharers this summer, and ensure that your kids aren’t in hot cars for too long.

(Also, don’t try to make pizza in your car. It doesn’t work…)

What do you make of Haim’s stunt? Tell us below.

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