Which Football League fans have furthest to travel for away games?

The Football League and Liftshare have joined forces to create a new official travel tool called Get to the Game (just to the right of this paragraph), which lets fans enter their favourite team, select a match and see the cheapest and most-convenient travel options available to them – including car sharing with other supporters.

It’s a great way for car owners to make their petrol money back, by splitting the fuel bill with other fans in their can, and for those without a car to request or find a lift from our community of over 450,000 members. Why not have a look at our site to see how much you could be saving on match travel.

Today, we thought we’d share something eye-opening with all the Football League fans out there – namely – an official leaderboard that shows how many miles fans of all 72 league clubs would have to travel throughout season 15/16, if they wanted to attend every away game.

In total, all 72 clubs (and their fans) will travel at least 450,000 miles this season. That’s a huge petrol bill, we’re sure you’ll agree. You can also imagine how expensive this would be if you were taking the train to every away game.

But which team has to travel farthest in season 15/16? That’d be League 2’s Carlisle United, which will travel at least 11,810 miles to away matches, followed by Plymouth Argyle at 11,022 miles, then in third place, Hartlepool United at 10,634 miles.

It’s quite a lot when you add it all together isn’t it?

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Image Credit: Gareth Williams

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