🎉It’s our 20th birthday!🎉

This Saturday, 18th August 2018, Liftshare celebrates its second decade as a business as we turn 20 years old!


How did it all begin?

As a student, Liftshare’s CEO, Ali Clabburn needed a low-cost way to get home to Norfolk from Bristol university for Christmas. He posted a request for a lift back to Norfolk on the student notice board, and the next day he had 3 lift offers! And in 1998, Liftshare was born!

In 20 years, Liftshare has since expanded to a 23-strong team and growing. We’ve moved from a small office in Attleborough to our swanky office in the centre of Norwich – including a slide and themed office spaces.

In 2003, we celebrated welcoming our 100,000th Liftshare member, today, in 2018 we have over 622, 000 members across the UK all looking to share journeys with each other.

But we’re not just about car sharing, you know! In 20 years we have built up a suite of award-winning products including: myPTP, Scoping Smart Mobility, and Trip Authentication.

We’ve also acquired a lovely trophy cabinet full of awards, including: the Queen’s Award for Innovation (2008); Ashden Award for Sustainable travel (2012) and the Norfolk and Norwich Eco Hero Award (2016), to name just a few!

You can see a list of the awards we have won so far, here.


So, what else happened in 1998?

Google was born! Two weeks after us no less.

The iMac was released.

Britney Spears ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time!’ Hit the charts – a nostalgic classic for ‘90s babies!

The Furby landed in toy shops – that year, it was the most popular toy.

Blockbuster movie Armageddon was released into cinemas – there’s been a few ‘near’ misses, but the film is yet to be a reality!

What’s next?

Our fantastic team are on a mission! We want to solve the world’s mobility problems through car sharing. We have some huge goals to meet by 2020, including saving 1 billion car miles. We would love you to be part of our mission.

Getting involved is easy! To help us on our mission and to become a Super Commuter, simply add your regular journey (whether it’s as a driver or a passenger) and find someone going your way.

Once you’ve made arrangements with your match, if you’re the passenger send a request to share the journey. Once the driver has accepted, we know you’re sharing and it means that we can calculate the fantastic savings our members are making.

In the last year alone, our members have saved:

Liftshare bday infographic

What a year!



Author Laura Watling


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