Go car-free for one day this year!

September 22nd marks Car-Free Day. The initiative, which takes place globally, encourages you to ditch the motor for the day, and look to travel in alternative ways – walk, cycle, or public transport. For one day, you will help to reduce traffic and emissions, as well as get the opportunity to explore – do you look at your local architecture when you drive into town, or spot that tucked away local coffee shop?

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Going car-free for one day only is easier than you’d think, especially with it falling on a Saturday, it may just take some advanced planning. Why not enjoy a bike ride in the country before the winter months set in, or hop on a train to London and enjoy some of the free museums and galleries like the Science Museum, Natural History Museum and Tate Britain – think of all the steps you’ll clock up!

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If you’re planning to travel a long distance on the 22nd September, where other modes just aren’t an option, check to see if someone’s going your way on Liftshare.com and still leave your car at home. Alternatively, offer up the empty seats in your car and encourage others to leave theirs.

Did you give going car-free a go and notice the positive impact on your well-being by boosting the endorphins on your active travel, not to mention the savings in your pocket? You might want to try going car-free on your commute, even for one or two days a week. Some organisations offer myPTP – a personalised travel plan which gives you all your available travel options to site, including maps, savings, and calories burnt. If you’re an employer you can find out more about myPTP here.


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Which ever way you choose to travel, Travel Happy!


Author Laura Watling


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